Renewable Energy Project Success under the Alberta and Saskatchewan Competitive Bids

With the launch of the first round of competitive bids for renewable energy projects underway, Alberta and Saskatchewan are moving forward steadily with their ambitious renewable energy goals for 2030. Developers and lenders are now looking for clarity on current and future competitions and a deeper understanding of the regulatory and market changes shaping renewables success in these crucial markets which together represent over 7,000 MW in project potential over the next 13 years.

 3 key areas of focus: 



  • Current and future renewables procurements: Critical insight from system operators
  • Understanding how renewables will be treated in Alberta’s new capacity market
  • Alberta’s Renewable Electricity Program: Key updates and next steps
  • SaskPower’s renewables roadmap: current progress and future plans


  • How is connection capacity and transparency changing to meet program demands?
  • Navigating new permitting and regulatory guidelines in Alberta and Saskatchewan
  • Finance: lenders comfort levels and remaining contract concerns for Alberta projects
  • Realizing ambitious renewable energy goals: lessons from other jurisdictions


  • Rural municipal leaders’ views on the role of renewables in their communities
  • How do indigenous communities view this energy transition and partnerships potential?
  • Emerging opportunities for smaller-scale, community partnered projects in both markets
  • Energy and political strategists on sheltering renewables from politics

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Hear from key market players including:



Agenda at a Glance

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June 5, 2017

Keynote Session
Analyzing Opportunities in Alberta’s Changing Energy Landscape
Critical Updates on Current and Future Renewables Procurement
Current and Future Bids in AL & Sask: Insight from Leading Developers
Grid Connection Processes and Capacity Availability
Realizing Renewables Goals: Lesson Learned from Other Jurisdictions
Municipal Leaders Roundtable: Building Partnerships and Support
Networking Drinks

June 6, 2017

AM Briefing: Smaller Scale Renewables
Navigating New Project Permitting And Regulatory Guidelines
Sheltering Energy Diversification from Political Cycles
Financing Alberta Projects: Lenders Comfort Levels and Concerns
Evolving Renewables Opportunities for Indigenous Communities
Potential Project Development Challenges Within Evolving Grids

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At the Alberta and Saskatchewan Renewable Energy Summit 2017 you will meet the full supply chain required for successful renewables project development including politicians, program administrators, developers, OEMs, EPCs, utilities and transmission companies, municipality representatives, First Nations leaders, financial professionals and the legal community. The sell-out event provides the opportunity to meet all the right people in one place.

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