Next Steps and Key Questions for Renewables in Alberta & Saskatchewan

In the run-up to the 3rd annual Alberta & Saskatchewan Renewable Energy Summit, February 5-6, Westin Calgary, Canadian Clean Energy Conferences is publishing a series of articles on critical topics for lenders and developers.

“Certainty and clarity from the government on what the next ten years will look like is critical. There are renewable energy goals in both provinces that stretch out to 2030, but currently, there is no line of sight beyond 2019.” – David Timm, Vice President of Energy and Environment Practice at Sussex Strategy Group.

“In jurisdictions like Alberta, where coal is being phased out the default replacement power is natural gas. Unless there is a shift in how decision-makers perceive renewables and their role in the electricity grid, there’s a real risk of there being an overbuild of natural gas which can limit the size of the market for renewables to participate in.” – Binnu Jeyakumar, Electricity Program Director at the Pembina Institute.

“There’s an opportunity for the governments of Alberta and Saskatchewan to set a long-term trajectory that can only help give confidence to our investments.” – David Thornton, Manager of Stakeholder Relations, EDF EN Canada.

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