Round 1 Alberta Results are Key For Defining Future Rounds: Q&A with Acciona

“I think the pricing of wind power [from Round 1 of the REP] is going to dictate just how low solar power developers will need to go on price if they are to compete with wind power,” comments Tracy Stoddard Vice President, Business Development, Acciona. “The first round results may also strengthen the case for a solar-specific procurement, or possibly a time-of-day adjustment, to allow solar generation to stay competitive. In effect, the result of the first round of the REP in Alberta will act as a guide to how solar power developers participate in future procurements.”

Stoddard is participating with other leading developers in a panel discussion on current and future renewables opportunities at the 3rd Alberta and Saskatchewan Renewable Energy Finance Summit, taking place February 5-6 at the Westin Calgary. This timely event will offer lenders, developers and potential First Nations partners, the first opportunity to digest the results of Round 1 and next steps for renewables in these growing markets.

In this Q&A interview, Stoddard offers his informed perspective on the latest developments in the Alberta and Saskatchewan renewables market. With the winning bidders of REP round one being announced in December, developers will be looking to learn key details of future rounds, Stoddard notes, including the possible inclusion of a separate technology-specific procurement, First Nations participation, and a time-of-day adjustment for solar developers.

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